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Apprentice Program FAQs

What exactly is the apprentice program, anyway?

Incoming 11th grade five week campers have the option to focus on an aspect of the arts, working with an assigned mentor (from the staff) who is an expert in the field for one class period each day. They will be able to pursue one area in depth for the duration of camp, perhaps spending a bit of time exploring then focusing in on a couple of larger projects. Please note that the program is open to students entering 11th grade only.

Can apprentices specialize in more than one area?

No, we ask that apprentices choose the single area they are most interested in pursuing in order to ensure that they are able to truly to gain thorough knowledge and hone their skills in that one area.

What are some examples of areas of apprenticeship?

In the past we have had apprentices focus on dance, jewelry making, costume design, painting, creative writing, technical theatre, acting, and music. We are open to other ideas if the camper has a specific area of interest and we have an instructor available that is able to provide a valuable mentorship.

Do all incoming 11th graders have to be apprentices?

No, they are totally welcome to be regular campers!

If I choose to be an apprentice, will I still be able to participate in the shows or take other classes?

Yes! Apprentices work with their mentors during Third Period, which does not conflict with any of the shows for 11th graders. They are free to choose courses for the rest of the periods, including workshop.

Who are the mentors?

They are members of the staff who are matched with the apprentices–they know and care a lot about the area the apprentice is interested in.

What does the program look like on a day to day basis?

Every day during third period (the 55-minute period before lunch) apprentices meet with their mentors to work on the project of their choice. Mentors are there to guidance and support, so that the apprentices are able to develop as artists.

What is the apprentice show?

On Festival Day, the work of all the apprentices will culminate in the apprentice show: they will perform or present their chosen pieces before the whole camp. Usually there is a brief group performance with all the apprentices that year.

If I change my mind about the area I want to be an apprentice in after submitting the application, can I change it?

Yes! Please email [email protected] with specifics about the change before camp starts.