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International Campers FAQs

Q: We will be in the United States this summer, does MSSA accept international campers?

A. Yes, MSSA welcomes campers from all around the world to join us for a creative summer experience!

Q. What is needed for an international camper to attend MSSA?

A. International campers must:

1. Complete the online application and include their local address and contact/guardian information for the summer. (MSSA is a day camp only; we do not provide, or arrange for, summer housing.)

2. All new international campers must pay a non-refundable international camper processing fee of $400.

3. All campers must be able to communicate in English with the staff, instructors and other campers. An online/Facetime/Skype interview with the MSSA Director and/or Assistant Director is required for all new international campers for who are applying to MSSA for the first time. The interview will only be scheduled after receipt of the $400 processing fee.

4. MSSA cannot accommodate campers that are unable to communicate in English.

5. After a successful interview, and receipt of tuition payment, the camper is considered registered for camp.

6. Campers are responsible for obtaining any necessary travel documents and visas to allow their entry to the United States. A registration confirmation is provided to all campers who require this for travel.

Q. Are parents/family members allowed to stay with or shadow campers during the day?

A. Family and friends are invited to the noontime show (held at 12:30 pm daily in the theatre) only. For security and other reasons, parents and friends are not allowed on campus at other times of day.

Q. Can my child bring his/her cell phone to camp?

A. Campers are allowed to bring phones to camp but they are prohibited from using them during classes, noontime shows and morning meetings. If a camper’s use of electronics becomes a distraction or a hazard, that camper’s parents will be notified.

Q. Will attending MSSA help my child gain admission to Middlesex School?

A. No. Participation in MSSA doesn’t influence your child’s admission prospects. Please see for more information on admissions.